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mammuthmusic was founded to support artists. This guiding principle is the top priority for our team. However, we do not only focus on one specific sector, but also offer four departments: mammuthlabel, mammuthevents, mammuthcontest and mammuthpresse, in which we are able support artists.

When musicians are managed by our managers, when we report on artists from festivals or organize our own events, the artists always benefit in the end. With our strong and competent team of music managers, promoters, technicians, photographers, IT specialists and editors, not only the artists feel comfortable with us.

Promoting artists is our top priority.

In which area our employees work is irrelevant, because we take our time for our bands and respond to their individual needs. This is the only way to ensure that our artists have a long-term chance of success and don’t just remain a flash in the pan. Because the success of our musicians is also our success. Together with the artists we find solutions, which we then implement as a closed unit.

Together for success.

Our entire team is involved in the business areas across all departments. This enables us to make optimum use of our strengths and always present a multi-faceted image to the outside world. In addition, we are in contact with various companies, interest groups and associations in the music industry – we know what is happening in the branch and can then pass this knowledge on to our team and the musicians in the best possible way.
This enables us to inspire our contractual partners again and again by recognising talent, offering opportunities and thus helping to shape the future of music. No matter if the whole company, individual team members or musicians: You can always rely on us!



We, the organizers of festivals and concerts, as well as managers of our bands, present this text as a symbol for our commitment and the sustainability of music.

As an important part of our lives, music is a cultural asset that needs to be preserved and a great art that should be supported.

– Frederick Manck, former Vereinspräsident

Where many people come together there is often envy and hatred; through the music, which we understand as universal language, we want to show with our bands and our events that a meeting of different music styles and people from different areas and backgrounds can take place without hatred and envy.
This Charta is intended to promote the following principles as a guideline for our work as organisers and managers:
  • Humanity
  • Tolerance and understanding
  • Democracy and freedom
  • Peace and non-violence
  • Individual rights and justice

We promise not to make statements, let artists perform, or promote those who advocate hatred or violence!


Stay tuned and keep contact with mammuthmusic